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The same messages, the same tones
All the same yet I feel so alone
I've been here before, said this before
Seen this before, can I take any more?
Angry and accusing, the literary "you"
Is what we're abusing to avoid harder truths
"You're the snake," "You're the one who's changed"
We call others out, while never looking in

And you eat it up
Keep your distance from
Any honest thought
That could damage your front

And I'm angry too
Angry at me, angry at you
But we all suffer, and it goes unaddressed
When we only focus on the flaws of the rest

The truth is we're afraid
Because the "me" and "I" offer too much insight

Can't show that we're weak
Our vulnerabilities, our insecurities

I hope we'll someday see
Think a little bigger, look into the mirror

This "you" can only be me
This "you" has always be me


from Demo 2016, released November 17, 2016



all rights reserved


BARK California

Youth crew inspired hardcore from the bay area, formed in 2016.


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