from by BARK



She likes looking at the surface, because it reflects the Sun
She says it shines like a thousand twinkling stars, but I'd bet anyone
It's her reflection she sees, hair blowing in a soft breeze
Smiling with ease, enjoying thoughtless peace

But there's more there and it's close enough to touch
Just dip your hand in the water, and don't think too much
Oh but the water is cold, and the ripple distorts
And it goes on forever, moves down and away
Endless rocks, bottom feeders and waste
Forests, fish, colors, and grace
And it's so big, too big, too big to bear
And it's simpler, and calmer, and nice not to care

Maybe someday we'll wake up
And we can all dive in


from Demo 2016, released November 17, 2016



all rights reserved


BARK California

Youth crew inspired hardcore from the bay area, formed in 2016.


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