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Yout hink you're dealing in life, you're just ensuring death
And it's gotten out of hand
The voiceless cry, as we let them die
'Cause of your selfishness
And it isn't discussed, removed from focus
Watch them shift the blame
To the innocent, the mistreated
All seen as the same

Now the fea sets in
They're panicking while you're profiting
On misinformation, emotional legislation
And it's nothing new
Tale as old as time
More in cages every day
Paying for your crimes
Is it ignorance? Apathy?
Sadistic hearts? Endless greed?
You're the ones who should be put down
The ones we just don't need

You sentenced them to die
And they'll have no idea why
An execution with no crime
The discrimination's gone to far this time

The selfishness runs deep
Lives turned to commodities
So they can live some unfounded notions
So they can have their precious breeds

I hear the voiceless cry
As we just sit back and let them die.
I hear the voiceless cry.
We can't just sit back and let them die


from Demo 2016, released November 17, 2016



all rights reserved


BARK California

Youth crew inspired hardcore from the bay area, formed in 2016.


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